Nael Amer
I specialize in IT troubleshooting, home and small business. Whether you're facing trouble with your systems, network, configuration, setup or even to recover your lost files I can help.
For 20 years I have been working with a wide range of systems since Cx486DLC computers.
I've spent the last 10 years in Air Navigation IT working with the most critical systems in the world.
I started PCclinic Canada as solo business to serve  clients in Mississauga area & surrounding, Contact me today with a brief of your technical issue and your address for price quote. I assure you with best rates along with top service.

I am professional!
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    + Computers (PCs and Laptops) Operating systems, configuration, setups, Hardware replacement, backups and data recovery + PADs Configuration, setups, and backups. + Multimedia Smart TV and Android Boxes setups
    Best Rates Guaranteed
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    Wireless Network
    + Setup new wireless network at your place with 2.4GHz and 5GHz + Configure your wireless setup for best security + Extend the wireless range all around your place even at dead spots + Configure all your smart devices for best connection
    Best Rates Guaranteed
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    Wired Network
    + Setup a new wired network at your place without running cables + Fix your damaged cable connectors + Mix your wireless network with faster wired network for best speed + Install new routers, switches, and range extenders
    Best Rates Guaranteed
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    + Recover your lost or deleted files (with conditions) + Recover your damaged or deleted partitions + Setup best backup solution for your setup (no servers needed) + Consultations
    Best Rates Guaranteed
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